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Updated May 5 2016

Our tracking system allows you to keep track of your application status and become aware of any notes we have added. Please use the fields below to search for your application.

You can either search with the combination of your full name (first, middle, last) and date of birth or first and last name and date of birth.

List of Track-able Applications received by mail or in person and to be couriered back by mail:

Attestation of Documents
Attestation of Pakistan Driver's License
Child Registration
Endorsement (previous applications only)
Manual passport renewal/first time issuance, lost and amendment (previous applications only)
Police Character Certificate

List of Track-able Applications received in person and to be picked up in person:
*To know the status of an application that is not listed below; you may refer to the delivery date shown on the top right hand corner of the receipt we gave you. Your documents will be ready for pickup as per the delivery date. Document pickup timings are Monday-Thursday between 3pm-4pm.

Attestation of Pakistan Driver's License
Lost Passport
Police Character Certificate

To track your NICOP please visit this page :

If you have trouble tracking your application please click here for an example.

Important : You are advised not to book your flight before receiving your travel document.

Please note the tracking system only reflects the regular processing time for all applicants. Any urgent requests will not be updated into the system. If you included a detailed letter with your application, our office will consider your situation.

Customer service agents will have access to the same tracking information displayed to the public.

If your urgent request has been considered it will be sent earlier than the expected dispatch date listed. For more information on using the tracking system please click here


To check if your MRP has arrived please click here. 

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